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Your pictures must be not be too big or they won't load.
Check this then scroll down to the lower box to see the dimension limits are,

Save your picture in a folder on your desktop. I named my folder Internet Truck.

Click the Post Reply button, don't quick reply.

Look below the Reply Box to the Additional Options box.

Click the Manage Attachments box.

This brings up an attachment loading box, click the 1st Browse button.

This will open up a file on your computer, the Documments file on mine.

I scroll down the left hand scroll button to my Internet Truck folder and clicked it.

I clicked on my Prime Fuel System document as an example then clicked the Open button at the bottom.

This put the Prime Fuel System document in the attachment loading box and I clicked the Upload button.

This closes the Manage Attachments box makes the Prime Fuel System document an attachment that will be
included in the Post Reply, then just click the Submit Reply button at the bottom.

All help gratefully accepted.
01.5,Red QC Sport SWB,HO,6spd,4x4,cowl hood, Drag Comp,4"ex., fuel press. gauge, boost&pyro gauges, bhaf, single Holley lift pump next to the fuel tank/13psi WOT, Vulcan Big Line, cheapo fuel cooler, Amsoil in the trans. & Valvoline in the pan, 63-65-.70A/R, ARP studs, kevlar/ceramic SD clutch, jammer 100's

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