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Technical Info: 1st Generation Technical discussion of first generation (1989 - 1993) questions, solutions and upgrades. All 1st generation topics are suitable for this forum.
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Old 04-06-2017
JoeLuther JoeLuther is offline
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Default power window question

Well, I've had the 92 D350 I imported from Tennessee for over a year now and I'm still picking away at it. Haven't driven it more than 100 yards since I got it home. I've done the KDP, tensioner water pump etc while the swapping on a new doghouse and I'm getting down to something I've been putting off.....the power windows. Or lack thereof.
I knew when I bought it (sight unseen) that the power windows didn't work (AC worked so the PO didn't care, I lost the AC charge when pulling the front end apart), but I didn't know why they didn't work. I fished around inside the door panel through the hole for the switches and discovered the switches and wiring were tucked down inside the door. Hmmm.....I discovered why the window didn't work when I pulled a door panel. Yup. A stick and a zip tie.

It appeared via mirror and flashlight that the regulator and motor were still in there. After much research and thought I taped the window in place and knocked out the wooden brace. I heard the tape on the window tension a bit but nothing happened. I recalled that I had another set of power window doors that came with the truck that got partially scorched in a cab fire.

It appears my truck doors are missing the screws shown below on the scorched doors.

Looking again inside the doors on my truck, the tapped holes on the regulators no longer line up with the holes in the doors and no amount of prying will get it lined back up so it must be under some load, maybe from the torsion spring.

I was wondering if the screw shown in the photo below is the last one for the regulator assembly that will let it drop down into the door? Anyone know? Speaker and bump stop are out already.

I've read many places messing with this regulator when under spring tension is a good way to lose a finger so I'm trying to be smart about what I do here.

I would just swap on my spare crank window doors short term to drive the truck with some ventilation but I learned in the junkyard that the only "door swap friendly" plug for the power window wiring harness is on the passenger side, the driver's side goes up behind the dash with no plug I can find anywhere.

TIA for any assistance.


PS - Here is the truck when I got it. I wanted a 5 speed single cab dually from somewhere they don't rust and this was one of the two I found in the US at the time. The other was in California.

Here's what it looks like now. I had to find a replacement radiator support, bumper, grille, fender etc. Not easy in the salt state of Ohio. Still sorting out some issues with replacing wonky gauges, Cummins not knowing what thermostat fits this truck, etc etc. If I can fix the windows, I might just be able to drive it this summer.

92 D350 DRW 5 speed
84 Vanagon/Subaru swap project
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Old 04-07-2017
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Can't help with the window issue but their is a company in Virginia that repairs instrument clusters, buddy just got his back and is installing them some.....said they looked like new. get the info from him and post it when we get a function test on them.
'06 2500 Brilliant Black Pearl Thunder Road, QC, 4X4, G56 w/ SBDD, Home Brew in the gearboxes Volant CAI, ATS Arc Flow , Airdog 100, AFE 4" cat back, Smarty JR, Warn lock-outs, drilled and slotted rotors, HBS steering stabilizer, Pacbrake airbags, Bilstiens, RP 15W40 , 2 BIG BALLS (shift knobs) from Geno's, 5th wheel slider, step bars. The next mod is........

'74 Trans Am, someday car.......
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Old 04-07-2017
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I have a 91..I had to replace the motor. Its going back a few years now but I think I had to drill out 3 blind rivets??? Anyways long story short I left the spring out as I couldn't figure out how it went back in. It still works great. I had to lube the crap out of the rollers in the scissor track and the large gear thingy. Maybe your wiring harness for the windows is behind the kick panel?
2008 Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty, SLT Quad Cab, Bilstiens, levelling kit, BD Steering Box Stabilizer Bar, BD heavy duty swaybar links, BD double deep tranny pan, Edge moniter, otherwise completely stock.(for now)
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