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NEW! How To and Product Review Info: New! A collection of user generated articles and "how to" information pertaining to the Dodge CTD! A great resource, and one that is unique to dieselram!
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Old 10-03-2006
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Default FluidAmpr Harmonic Dampner Product Review

Had the pleasure of installing a FluidAmpr harmonic dampner that a customer brought to me today. I have been wanting to install one on my truck for awhile now, I would have to say I will now that I have.

The Dampner is slightly larger than the OEM and quite beefier but is does not weigh anymore than the OEM. The install is fairly straight forward as you remove the serpentine belt ,then loosen four 15mm bolts . The dampner did take a little effort to remove as it had been on there for awhile. I just used a small pry bar and gently pryed on both side until it was loose .Then I removed it by my hands . Word of caution though especially for people like VONTRAPP who like things dropped on the their mellon. The OEM and FluidAmpr are about 10 to 15 lbs ,so make sure you have your hands on it so that it does not fall on you.

Once I have installed the dampner I use a small amount of red LOC-TITE on the threads and torqued them to 30lbs plus 60 degrees per the instructions . Reinstalled the serp belt and started the truck. The truck is slightly quiter but what I really noticed is how much the motor had very little vibration . I then test drove the truck and it was very noticable on how the motor was smooth through the RPM range.


Easy to install
Directions are straight forward
It has a timing mark
SFI certified , for all you HP junkies
Smooths motor out ,very little vibration
Think about what less of an impact it has on the gear train.


Customer paid 422 bucks ,not bad for the HP guys but a little pricey for a stock guy.


I like this product alot and would buy one being that I am a high HP guy. It reduces the motor vibration quite a bit and to me less vibration means better longitivity. Maybe the VP or CP can benifit from this . Would I pay 400 bucks for one, sure I would. Is it a good replacement for a OEM.. you betcha. A OEM one runs about 150 bucks and I would stick with that if the motor is bone stock ,other than that put a FluidAmpr on it . I think you will like it. For more info look here <a href="http://www.fluidampr.com" target="_blank">http://www.fluidampr.com</a> [img]/forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cool.gif[/img]

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