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Technical Info: 3rd Generation: DRIVETRAIN Technical discussion of third generation (2003 - 2007) engine and drivetrain questions, solutions and upgrades.
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Old 11-19-2019
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Default Parking Pawl Will Not Engage

I know this is an ongoing problem, but can it be fixed? My '05 suddenly would not lock in when I out it in park. The dash does not circle P, but it starts when in park position. I popped the shift cable off at the trans, and manually moved the shift lever from low through to park. Then, with the rear off the ground, I can hear the "clicking" like it is trying to engage, but it won't.

To me, I've gotten used to setting the e-brake. But, in VA, I think I will have inspection issues. So is there a way to fix this, aside from a complete tear down? It has 112K miles, the fluid is fairly clear, I have changed out the filter and the 7 quarts a couple times.
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Old 11-20-2019
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Problem most likely is the lever possibly is loose on the shaft that attaches itself to the rooster comb. The park rod is attached to that. This lever is the one that is attacked to the shift cable.

Or the cable is out of adjustment. This is trickier to explain to adjust. Disconnect the cable from lever at trans . Push lever towards the rear of truck and see if it locks the wheels.

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Old 11-21-2019
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Thanks max....short of pulling the VB, I checked the operation of the parking rod, watching to be sure it was moving at all. I guess in my mind I envisioned the parking rod would push to the OD end to the pawl, but that is not the case. Moving the shift lever to the rear, park position, actually pulls the park rod to engage.

I went on line and was able to find the state vehicle inspection manual. It addresses all the braking mechanisms, and the P and N has to be indicated and the truck can't start in anything but P and N. No mention of checking if PARK actually holds. I spoke with a friend of mine who is a state safety inspector, to confirm this and he said an inspector would be a prick to force that and to contest it.

I adjusted the shift cable, the P circles up, and the pan is back on! I'll live with the way it is. If/when the trans needs to be torn down, I'll find out then.
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