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Technical Info: 2nd Gen NON-DRIVETRAIN Technical discussion of second generation (1994 - 2002) questions, solutions and upgrades. Please -- DO NOT post drivetrain discussions in this forum.
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Old 05-14-2006
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Default DRW to SRW?

I am looking at getting a 12v, 4x4, 5sp. I would also like the 3.54/3.55 gears. I am having a hard time finding a lower mileage (under 150,000) truck in my price range. I do not need DRW so I have not been looking at them for the most part until the other day I have found a couple beautiful trucks that are cheap for what they are the only problem I have with them is that they have DRW.

How much work and money would be involved in converting? Need a new bed I would think, Do I need to change the Axel or could I just use the old one and take a set of rims off, would need some kind of spacer for that I think.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Looking for a 12v, 4x4, 5sp, with the 3.54 gears.

I am in the Air Force in Germany right now will be moveing back to the states in Aug. Will purchase a truck then.
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Old 05-14-2006
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Default Re: DRW to SRW?

Its not just the rear you will need to consider, the front end too. Duallys have the wheels that also fit the front so your hubs, brakes and spindles are different too. The rear end swap would be fairly easy but it would be one odd looking truck with a dually type front wheels still on it!
The mods I talk about here is for information purposes only. I experiment on my own vehicles but do not endorse the modifications that I make to my vehicles to be used on others. If you use this info that I talk about, you use it at your own risk and responsibility.

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