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Technical Info: 3rd Generation: DRIVETRAIN Technical discussion of third generation (2003 - 2007) engine and drivetrain questions, solutions and upgrades.
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Old 07-18-2012
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Question Long Post, need trans, and possible cam upgrade.

I need some advice and I know this is the right place to get it. But first some history.

Truck has 248k on the clock. Replaced the injectors for the first time about 1k miles ago with performance injectors. They were just a 30 hp upgrade. Of course the transmission started to slip within 1k miles and needs a rebuild, but with 248k on the clock I still feel pretty good about the mileage I got out of the trans.

Question #1: I know this has been asked many times before but I am not able to find it in the forums. Tim Holts recommend trans upgrades when rebuilding. It mentions using a particular kind of frictions and steels and allows you to use a different fluid than ATF +4. It also has a list of parts to use if my memory serves me correctly. I plan to get a smarty at some point, so overbuilding the trans is a must. I tow a 10k trailer several times a year for about 6k to 10k miles.

I don't know yet which route I will go as far as doing the rebuild myself, have a shop do it, or purchase a rebuilt trans to swap it out. Do to time constraints I will likely go with one of the last two options. Advice is welcome.

Question #2: Because of the fuel upgrade I've done, the exhaust temps are now an issue. There was another post on here where someone replaced there cam and had some very good results in lowering the exhaust temp. I also have an oil leak on the front of the engine I can't find, and suspect it is the front case that is leaking. This is going to require me to pull intercooler, radiator, gear case, etc off the front of the engine to fix... and if I'm going that far I might as well upgrade the cam once I'm that deep into the engine. If I could have help finding that post, or if someone has some information on this I would appreciate to be enlightened.

I got about an $8000 budget and about 4 weeks to spend it. I'm sure you guys and gals can help me spend that with some advice.
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