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NEW! How To and Product Review Info: New! A collection of user generated articles and "how to" information pertaining to the Dodge CTD! A great resource, and one that is unique to dieselram!
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Old 04-18-2006
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Default How (Not) to install a set of gauges - Part 1 - BIG PICTURES WARNING!!

So the first chapter was dedicated to the installation of the FASS Unit. This next chapter is dedicated to a set of gauges. So herein goes another misadventure of Wyatt Earp and Arrowsmith Diesel Performance. Enjoy.

Finally got off my arse and installed gauges and an A Pillar Pod in my truck. This misadventure all started this past holiday long weekend.

Early Friday morning when I began cleaning out my very small shop to see if I could in fact get most of truck inside should it start to rain as forecast.

Well that sort of worked. I managed to move all the big tools around in such a manner that I could fit the nose of the truck up to the quad cab door into the shop – hood up, drivers door open!

Next, I began by figuring out where I wanted to work first. This was simple enough as I figured I would re-plumb the FASS unit from the VP44 to the inlet side of the stock fuel filter canister. (See photo 1)

I then removed the fitting from the stock LP (which still exists) and attached the Blue Line to the back of the canister. (see Photo 2 and 2A)

Next I re-installed my fuel preheater plumbing loop, which ran from the stock fuel filter canister to the exchanger and then into the stock banjo bolt and into the VP44. This was simple. With everything tight I worked my way into positioning the fuel pressure isolator diaphragm. After drilling a small hole in the connecting bracket I mounted this to a stock offset in the drivers side battery tray. I connected it with a bolt, locking washer and standard nut – nice and tight.

Next I plumbed the line from the VP44 banjo fitting to the isolator. Again, this was fairly simple.

Next, I figured I work on the pod. This wasn’t as simple as I had expected and may still revise the internals to suit a better finished seat position against the structural frame of the truck. The wire gauge here is important as is the fact that when adapting the stock A Pillar with speaker hole that you basically need to cut that entire portion out. I am considering removing more of the stock material so that I can get a better fit.

My wire gauge choice was too large but it was all I had in the shop at the time. I would suggest going smaller only to save space in the routing channels. What you see here is the stock A Pillar (foreground) and the new A Pillar with gauges installed – Right unit is the Boost gauge, middle is the Pyrometer and the left is the Fuel Pressure. You will also note the phone (I called MaxTorque a few times!) and my watch with 3:00 PM frozen in time.

Wyatt Earp
2012 3500 Laramie, LWB, Crew Cab, SRW, 4x4, 6.7L Oil Burner, 3:73 gears, Auto, S&B Air Intake, 35" Goodyear All Weather Tread, 2" Carrier Spring lvl kit with FOX Shocks, BD Adjustable Track Bar, DSS Stabilizer, Serviceable ball joints and tie rod ends, FLOPRO Exhaust, RACEME, Bright Source HID, Colour Match Canopy, VHF Radio and Cell Booster Cradle, AMP Bumper Step.
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