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Technical Info: 1st Generation Technical discussion of first generation (1989 - 1993) questions, solutions and upgrades. All 1st generation topics are suitable for this forum.
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Old 05-10-2014
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Originally Posted by anoldbiker View Post
Green Ping Pong Ball ?

On my 06, I changed out my main tank and I seen nothing like that.
What years did they do that.
My 06 doesn"t have one, either. But my First Gen did; it was considered a safety device in the event of a rollover.
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Old 05-12-2014
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The roll over valve is built into the tank. Not like the old trucks where it was a separate item.

If the semi truck nozzles will fit into the filler neck I would give that a shot on the lowest setting and see if it makes a difference.

If the tank cant vent it will cause horrible filling. My TDI Jetta doesnt like the big nozzles very much due to the fact it cant vent fast enough.
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Old 05-13-2014
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Not to sure of that. If a semi truck nozzle fits, by using that larger nozzle, you have less space around the nozzle and less venting. If the tanks vents are not working right, then the fill nozzle area is the only venting being done. The foam developed by the liquid entering the tank will fill the nozzle and kick off the pump.

Might be best to go under the truck and check the vent hoses and the float on the vents. I have seen a friends vents plugged from road debris where he had no rear venting. We pull the vents, check the floats worked properly and installed new hoses from the vent to over the side of the tank. (there were very short originally hoses that were plugged) then we went to AutoZone and bought a couple cheap inline filters for the ends of the hose. He hasn't had an issue since, but checks the filters every time he greases the truck just to see if they need changing.

(I will mention he has property in the middle of nowhere near Kingman Arizona and does travel over very dusty road in and out. The dirt color reminded him of that road dirt)

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Old 05-20-2014
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I'll have to get under there and look around for a tank vent to unclog. It's still really uneven as far as filling but getting better.

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