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Default Manual trans wont shift into gear

It`s been a while since I have asked for advice on my truck because I haven`t had any issues ........until this morning . Coming home after going about 4 blocks my truck suddenly wouldn`t shift into 5th gear . Now I had already stopped and started 3 or 4 times with absolutely no problems ! Pulled over and it wouldn`t go into any gear . Finally got it into 2nd and took off but it wouldn`t shift into any gear again . Since I was about a mile from home I slowly limped back to the house . With engine running it is very hard to get it to go into any gear , if at all . Turn engine off and it easily goes through all gears . Start engine and same problem , no gears or sometimes it will go but not easy . To describe how it feels , it feels like bent linkage , but I don`t even know if it even has linkage . This is on my 01 ,2500 4x4 , 5speed manual , cummins engine ,165000 miles . Anyone have any thought or suggestions ? I sure could use some good info instead of the expensive trans/clutch replacement I am fearing might be the fix , so be gentle with me guys .
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