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So now the water pump is fixed and from what I can tell there is no other coolant leaks in the system I still have some symptoms:
1. The engine temps seem to act strange. the temps rise pretty quick with a little throttle and will sit at cruising speed around 208 for seconds even 210 then thermostat opens. It just seems to clime quickly and appears erratic as well. Since I am throwing parts at it I was thinking changing out thermostat.
2. After replacing coolant from water pump job I filled overflow around the low maybe a bit lower. after a week of driving it short distance to work and to the hunting grounds I am a half inch over high mark and slowly climbing. Not sure if this will continue until it fills the overflow to the top. time will tell.
3. Also top rad hose and system seems to be under pressure after cooled even days of sitting.

I tried running it with the rad cap off and engine was maybe warm, engine coolant bubbled out of the rad. more like burped but this was before water pump replacement I think.

Since hunting season ends today I wont be driving the truck daily. Time to find some help as I feel I am at the end of my trouble shooting ability.
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