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Default Breaking flywheels..

Buddy of mine has an '04 dually, auto, 2wd, all stock far as I know, got a service bed on it and tows a 16 ft trailer from time to time.
He does carpenter work and remodeling on the side.

It has cracked 3 flywheels in about a year!
The last one didn't last 3 months and they claimed they put a heavier one in it the 2nd time.
He was asking me what causes this constant problem.
I told him I figured either something isn't lined up correctly, or there's a vibration somewhere.
The tranny was supposedly rebuilt not long before he got it.
He's had the truck less than 2 years.
Don't know how many miles were put on the rebuild before he got it..

Any words of wisdom as to how or why that I could pass on to him?
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