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Originally Posted by MAXTORQ View Post
That's right ladies and germs it's that time again to stimulate your senses and tickle your fancy. Here's the list of goodies and the victim of circumstance.

2003 1/2 ton 2wd gasser trash being converted to the dark side.

6.7 motor
24v rods balanced and Cryro'd with ARP rods
6.7 pistons with Gold Coat Ceracote
6.7 cylinder head with 110lbs springs intake cut off for my manifold
Custom exhaust manifold 321 stainless
Custom cam dunno what profile yet
ARP 625 head studs
109lb Valve Springs

To top the head off I'm gonna try my hand at a Carbon Fiber valve cover.

Fuel system
Stroker CP3 by yours truly
Injectors probably around 29lpm
Lift pump wise I'm not sure yet.

Tranny wise...... Well about every trick in the book that Tim Holt has taught me.

47re 2wd
Billet 300m Aremet input shaft
Billet convertor 200 rpm loser stall that stock
Billet sonnax servos front and back
Billet anchor and strut
Kevlar band
Alto red friction through out
Billet forward drum and piston assembly
6 pinion overdrive planet
48re valvebody with sonnax valves 48re shift kit
Billet governor pressure solonoid

It will have a 9" inch rear end and I haven't decided if I going to coil over shock the entire truck.

Picture will come next week as I have been working on it for a few months now.
I went with a 500 under stall when I had my Goerend trans built. I don't have 100miles on it since I parked it for a complete body/frame redo. I am thinking that 500 under might have been too much, I went with what was recommended from the lady on the phone. I had told her that I do pull heavy when I do (over 10k + trailer) and it pulled great but when it was empty I wondered if I made the right choice. Your 200 under was what I was thinking I should have gotten (mabey 300 under but no more) when I drove mine empty before parking it for the rebuild. Do you think I should change it?
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