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Gooood Morning DieselRam.....
42 to start April, haven't broke 60 last 2 days, rumor is we will today.
Saturdays rain was a very minor shower but threat of more by Thursday.
Got the gardens turned up, just kinda waiting for the last freeze.... This might've been it.
Probably plant some stuff Saturday if the forecast looks good.
Pinion seal swap went pretty good.. Not sure what size that 12 point pinion nut is, but a 1 3/8" socket can be driven on...
Drive shaft only had 3 bolts in the yoke!!
I didn't do it...
'07, megacab, 2WD, Dually, 6.7, auto,
Deleted, h&s programmer, jasper turbo, ETE tranny, 450k mi !!
'09, quad cab, Laramie, 2WD, Dually, 6.7, auto. 260k mi
Stock, until...
My Other Truck is a Fire Engine!!

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