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Here is why it doesn't work...or isn't noticeable if it does.

Splitting H20 into H and O requires energy. Burning H and O creates H2O and releases energy. In theory you would get the same amount of energy from burning the H and O that you originally put into the system to split H2O. However, not all of the energy put into the system is ends up splitting the H2O, and not all of the energy that releases from the H and O burning is translated into power, there is also light and heat released. The whole process is rather inefficient.

Driving an electric motor off your alternator would actually be more efficient. But how much power or mpg are you really going to get? Lets say you have a 12V motor, and you find one that draws 25amps just like your HHO system. 12V * 25A = 300watts = 0.4hp.

So assuming your 25A system was as efficient as an electric motor(its not), you would add about 0.4hp to the motor, use 0.4hp less from diesel fuel. In reality its probably closer to 0.2hp with all the losses in the system.

How much can 0.4hp actually help you? Well a car can take 25hp to maintain 55mph, our trucks would be more, but I can't find any numbers on trucks. 0.4/25 = 1.6% and 1.6% of a truck getting 20mpg is 0.32mpg. If it takes 50hp to keep us at 55mph its 1/2 that or .16mpg increase.

What does this mean in $ spent? After 100,000 miles you would have gained about 3200 miles from this system. 3200miles / 20 mpg is 160 gallons of fuel. 160 Gallons at $3 is $480 total saved. But how much money did you spend on the system to start with? And how much money did you spend maintaining the system over those 100,000 miles? Also remember that this is using the efficiency of an electric motor and the rolling resistance of a car. In reality you are probably saving less than half that amount.

Changing your driving habits would make a larger difference than using an HHO system.
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