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Thanks for the replies, Barry and CC.
One thing I just despise is getting under a dash and finding jacked up harnesses. If I cant make it appear factory or at least ultra clean I won't mess with it.
In stead of experimenting to try to find the issue, (something had to make those terminals get hot) I took it to the stealer. Ours is pretty good if you babysit them. They charged me $129 to diagnose the issue. Heater blower motor pulling too much amperage melted down terminals in ignition switch, hence, scorched connector. I pulled the tape from the harness at the connector and I don't believe the wires or spade connectors are effected too much.
Result: Stealer wanted $604 parts and labor. I paid them $129 diagnostic fee, and picked up the ignition switch and blower motor at Advance for $125.
My labor is sort of free so I have $250 invested.
Savings: $354.
Thanks for the replies and I really appreciate all the good information on here, talk at you later.
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