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I had sort of the same issue with my horn wire. It broke in that bundle right at the tilt area. As you mentioned not really enough wire there to splice it back together. So I made two splices with a new piece of wire in between . It was only about 2 inches really just enough to make two splices. Not a lot of room there.
However if I understood your post your wire is shot right at the plug? If so you might try tracing it back a few inches or so to see if you can find a break in the wire. It could be black from heat of trying to carry too much current on a few strands of wire that is broken farther downstream but can't get hot enough to melt due to the same reason.

Other than that about all I can think of is get the plug type go online and most of these plugs come apart one way or another and you can usually buy the individual parts for it and perhaps be able to insert two new pins into the plug after you have lengthened the wires a bit. Of course the hard part is finding out what type of plug it is so you can hunt the parts down. I doubt it is a gm styleconnector but might be a duetsch connector. Or maybe go to a salvage yard get that plug and cut it back a foot or so and splice all of them onto your new to you plug.
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