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Originally Posted by MAXTORQ View Post
Every transmission is different and adjusting the second gear band apply or the low reverse normally has a negative impact for the novice that performs it.

Book says tighten to 70 inch lbs then back it out 1 3/4 turns and you done for the second gear band. What it doesnít say is to check the overall space between the servo and the lever. Which should be in the neighborhood of 3/8ths of an inch. Getting it too tight causes the second gear to drag as third gear wants to come on.

The first gear and reverse band getting it too tight will want to drag as second wants to apply. This adjustment I make when the valvebody is out and pressure check the adjustment at the case.

Long story short just be informed as to what you are doing to avoid an exspensive repair.

I appreciate the advice and tip. I know the truck has some miles on it so Iím hoping to make it last till next year when I plan to put in an ATS tranny in it.
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