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Good Evening DieselRam.....
Scattered thunder bumpin things for the past week...Me & Ralph still managed to get 8 repos in 2 days...between 24 hr shifts with Memorial Day off.
2 more tires, 1 on the trailer and one on the dollies....picked up a 12x40 so heavy it bent the axle on the dolly wheel..
Snake huntin safari planned for tomorrow night after a cookout. Redneck entertainment.
Sherrie says she's never been snake huntin...we may have to hog tie her till we get started...
'96 3500 2WD, club cab, Auto, 4.10's, Regency Edition
#10 fuel plate, AFC mods, straight exhaust, silencer ring...??
99 2500 2wd, quad cab, auto, raptor on frame rail, big line kit, k&n filter right on the turbo.
'07, megacab, 2wd, dually, 6.7, 6 spd auto,
DPF gutted, h&s programmer, jasper turbo.

My Other Truck is a Fire Engine!!
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