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Originally Posted by cougar View Post
Replaced the FSS last weekend and it seems to be fine now. Ran it all week without a hitch. I haven't replaced the lift pump yet, just waiting for better weather. Got my replacement down pipe and flange, just waiting on my welder buddy to become available. Fingered out what was going on with the 92. Corroded KSB contacts from all the road salts lately. I replaced all the slip terminals with ring terminals like I did on the 91. That KSB make a huge difference on cold starts.
Cougar, what's a KSB? Ditto on a FSS.

(showing my ignorance here)


PS. My truck is still sitting up at my buddy's place with the roof section partially welded in. He's one of my service guys and I had to send him on a job where a roof loaded with snow caved in on two of our machines. Not sure when he's going to be back, I miss my truck......
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