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Replaced both front hubs about 8 months apart on an 06 with cheaper units, at the time Timken (which was my preference) seemed to be out of stock on a lot of different sites (2009-10) time frame. But I did have one issue with the pass side abs light (new wire that came with the assembly, took off 4 times and replaced finally with a stock part on a dually model which was kind of a pain.) Driver side was worse getting off, a lot of PB blaster, a bearing puller and large sledge hammer (on knees and hitting from the back of hub to get off). Sounded a lot like a shot gun and shook the entire truck when it finally broke loose. I wouldn't hesitate to use the cheaper ones again, minus the abs wire issue. If I remember correctly they were about $140 each, and the name brands were around or a little over $300.
2016 2500 bighorn, 4wd, 6.4" bed, auto, stock except for addition of clearance lights.
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