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Update.... got the truck back from Powell's Trans. ( last weekend. Powell's is a trans shop that Bob had referred me to and is a builder of Goerend transmissions. He found that there was an issue with the valvebody that had somehow gotten trash in it. It shifted great when I noticed the fluid leak and had it flatbedded to the trans repair shop that is local to me. I have been in heavy collision for 35yrs and have sent and done business with them for quite a few years, unfortunately not anymore after this and because he just wouldn't listen to me when I kept saying the valvebody needs looked at, he kept telling me to just drive it everything is fine and setup properly.

Powell's also found the the pressures were set too low and the shift points were adjusted wrong. When I have this truck worked on by anyone I always tell them "When in doubt throw it out" I don't play games with this truck and do exactly what is recommended by both Bob Goerend and Rob no questions asked they are my "go to guys". I use this truck for my after hours business doing concrete and it needs to be ready to pull at all times.

Anyhow the truck shifts awesome, fast, firm just like one should expect with a built transmission. I can't thank and recommend Goerend enough both he and his products are top shelf. If you or anyone needs or looking to have a transmission that is ROCK solid need look no further but have it done by one of his recommended builders. If your in or around the western Pa area give Powell's a call he did a very good job and is extremely honest. He now will be the only one touching that part of this truck if for any reason it needs something, which I doubt short of fluid changes.

No link needed for Ron's site LOL.

Keep these good guys going buy using their services not just their advice they deserve it.
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