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Default Trans shifting like stock.

Need your help. Not being a trans builder or having heavy in depth knowledge of the inner working of a transmission this trans I had built is giving me the fits bad.

Story starts like this. I have a 2000 4x4 auto and had the trans completely built with Georend's everything including billet shafts (except tail and newly discovered mid shaft, mid shaft corrected as of now) and a -500 triple disc conv. When I got it back it shifted fast and firm and you could feel the need to apply the brake a little harder then stock because of the -500 converter. It was awesome especially when I am pulling a 13klb load.

Drove it approx 3000mi and the trans took a **** but still shifted like the day it was built. Started dumping fluid out the front of the trans. Immediately called for a tow and had it in the shop, another shop, because the original builder passed away. He found the Sun Case had small fractures in it and the pump had scars on shaft said it had to be put together with those issues and it just took this long to show itself and said I would need a new -500 converter cause there might be trash in it and said it would need tore down, cleaned and inspected. I told him everything in it was Georend and that everything has to be done the way he wants it. Upon his inspection he said the mid shaft was not billet and Bob Georend confirmed that it was not part of the original order, somehow it got over looked, no biggie I ordered one along with the replacement converter. I want everything billet except the tail shaft.

Got it back and the next day took it back cause it shifts like a stock truck WTF! I asked him what did you do? it shifts like it's stock, did you touch the valvebody? He insisted he did not touch it or adjust anything in the valvebody. I had Bob call him and they went over the pressures it should have with his valvebody and he said he pressure tested it and it was down and raised it within 5psi.

Well to me not much has changed and this weekend my wife was with me while I was pulling 13klb (3200lb trailer and 9800lb excavator) even she commented that it dosent have a snappy shift, her exact words were it slides into the next gear and that it takes too long to get into the next gear. She drives a school bus and it use it shift like that fast. Now it feels stock. To get my wife to say something holds merit in my book cause she don't drive it at all and rides in it very little and noticed it.

What gives with that? Pump pressure still? Would the pump pressure have anything to do with the way it feels when put into drive (it wanted to go before as soon as it went into drive) and stopping at red lights requires less brake force then before.

What about clutch spacing? If he f@#ed with that what would that do?

I just can't see how just replacing the converter with an exact replacement, replacing the pump and mid shaft could effect the shifting unless something was screwed with and I'm being lied too.

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