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Default Lift Pump ???

Lord...its always something...

Check engine light p1011 & p0087...low fuel rail pressure.
Done it half a dozen times.
Engine died 3 times after low power.
Thought it was just defueling at first.
Overhead display says catalyst restricted, service required....but its deleted!
Reflashed the tune monday but just did it again!
Opened filter drain with engine running & it just dribbled a little.
Shut down, bumped starter, hear LP running, open drain again & it squirts fuel.
Haven't changed the filter yet but it doesnt do it consistently so dont really think thats it.
Also ran the snot outa it after the reflash & it never backed down.
But right now it surges & wont pull worth crap!
The idle seems as lightly rough too.

Am I missing anything?
Would you guys concur with the lift pump??
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