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Good Morning DieselRam...
August?!? Are you sure...?? Wow!
Starting at 70 today, 91 later and feeling like right about 100 later.

JFJ, I know that itch. It flares up every week or so.
And I already got 3 trucks!!
Been contemplating trading the chevy up about 15 years.
It's an '01 with 202 K miles & I've owned it since '05
Still a good truck but it's basically the family car, what we use when we travel too.
Never owned a GMC...
'07, megacab, 2WD, Dually, 6.7, auto,
Deleted, h&s programmer, jasper turbo, ETE tranny, 470k mi !!
'09, quad cab, Laramie, 2WD, Dually, 6.7, auto. 260k mi
Stock, until...
My Other Truck is a Fire Engine!!
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