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Many folks on here with more knowledge than I have will be able to chime in, and they will probably be the best answers you will find on any search on the web. What I can say is that your truck, and dealer will know a lot about the engine. Idle times, average speed, throttle position, high idled, re gen cycles, if it was ever shut down during cycles, ran low on def, etc. I would look at the warranty book with a fine tooth comb and make sure all the things they are telling you are as per the manufacturer and are correct. As far as the cleaning, I would ask exactly the items being cleaned. Is the price set for dpf cleaning or other items as well? Seems about the right ballpark as independent range 500-700 and dealerships 800-900. With 75k, if everything else in parameters don't be afraid to call bluff if there is gray area and not black and white. All they can do is say no!
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