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bigreddog 05-01-2022 08:14 AM

Early Morning Flowers
Glad the April showers are gone, welcome May Flowers. Although I get in a lot of trouble running over them, but who in their right mind plants them next to the driveway?

smokediver 05-01-2022 09:54 AM

Good Morning DieselRam...
May already?? My my..
I thought the flowers went in the flower beds up next to the house...
Woke to thunder at 5am, then rain, then gone by 6am.
Didn't check the gauge, but about an inch in the dogs bowl.
65 I think this morning, mid 80's later. Already warm and muggy.
We'll probably hit a 90 in the next week or 2.
Pulled the mustang out from under the cover and drove it a little Friday night and Saturday morning. Needed some therapy and it was easiest access.
Brought it with me this morning to be on the clock so I can wash the moss and gunk off.
Inside needs a good cleaning too.

BRD, glad the fur buddy is doing better.

jetfueljockey 05-02-2022 02:43 AM

Good morning DR, May already.....Time's fun when you're having flies or something like that. Need to service the truck, not many miles this year but the calendar caught up to it.....may need tires too. Going a little more aggressive this time :dunno: Grand babies growing like little weeds. Happy too, that is cool :)

bigreddog 05-02-2022 05:30 AM

GOODMORNINGDIESELRAM...Can't Wait for summer!!!

jetfueljockey 05-03-2022 04:04 AM

Good morning DR, rain and cooler, nothing new there. Sister from Missouri coming just in time for the rain shows, they ride mud buggies, been a year since we saw each other.....can't wait :)

cougar 05-03-2022 06:55 AM

A scorching 38 headed towards the mid 50s. Cloudy off and on and breezy. Put some cheep Amazon LED lights on the 1st gen to aid my O dark thirty commute. I didn't have great expectations, mainly needed something to light up the shoulders to spot moose sooner. Was I surprised. They do very well. Their wiring harness leaves a little to desire, but I can fix that. Work continues to be a futile exercise in reality. Hey, what ever. As long as they continue to pay me, I will continue to take the money. My name isn't on the paperwork.

jetfueljockey 05-04-2022 04:20 AM

Good morning DR, Happy Star Wars Day ;) did you ever think a Light Saber was just the current version of a bug zapper???? :D Off to the races:)

smokediver 05-04-2022 06:50 AM

Good Morning DieselRam...
Mostly clear and 62 to start, varying clouds and mid 80's. The humidity is here. I have a strong dislike for summer in the south...:(

On the clock.. think I heard a rumor of fire hose testing today.

jetfueljockey 05-05-2022 04:02 AM

Good morning DR, a brisk 49* out and clear, good snoozing weather, glad I haven't turned the heat off yet. Best get a move on, coffee is ready y'all...

bigreddog 05-05-2022 05:09 AM

GOODMORNINGDIESELRAM...Another day the rain will be coming. Think I'll find a job inside today.

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