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45Auto 08-19-2019 03:50 PM

Trans Swap
48RE to 46REF?? is it worth it? Was going to buy a 3500 with the Aisn, but returned to reality. That would of been a lot of Denaro to tow 5-10 MPH faster. The difference OD4th and 3rd with the 48RE is to big. At present, 60 mph with the 48RE in 3rd is like 23-2400 rpm! should I push it more??

Clunk 08-19-2019 07:37 PM

3.55 rear gears?

Clunk 08-19-2019 07:42 PM

Maybe Rickson 19.5's?


smokediver 08-21-2019 06:28 AM

How much you towing?!?
Unless it's like 20k# you probably just need to put that sucker in "D" and let that cummins work in it's sweet spot...under 2000 rpm...imho.
Or like Clunk said, change the rear ratio.

jetfueljockey 08-22-2019 03:36 AM

1) Trans temp gage 2) spin on filter kit in pressure line to trans cooler 3) more trans cooler 4) don't let it hunt between 3 & 4. Increased line pressure is good too. JMO

45Auto 08-31-2019 02:11 PM

355 gears, 285 tires towing GW just a tad north of 18K lbs. And a CTS2

smokediver 09-02-2019 06:39 AM

And it won't haul that in OD ?
I mean, yeah, it's gonna drop 5-10 mph on a good hill, but it oughta be happy running 65 in OD.
My 99 would run 65 at 1800, or 70 at 2000 for that matter in OD pulling a 32 ft camper.
I could pull the shed trailer empty at 70 no problem, or with a couple 8 wides, and it weighs 7-8K# empty.

MAXTORQ 09-04-2019 10:04 PM

Waste of time if you ask me. And twice the expense when you have to rebuild it. Want an over drive or splitter? Install a Gear Vendors.

lupusludwick 12-18-2019 05:29 PM

I'd go back and look at the 3500 again.. Since my "unfortunate upgrade" to the 2018 3500 I got to replace the 04.5 I rolled. The 04.5 had a lot of upgrades I wanted to do but never got around to like air suspension, exhaust brake, etc. This 2017 now has everything I ever wanted on a powertrain. The only thing I want to upgrade now is just the bumpers. This new 3500 feels and drives more like my Fire Engines do. It feels more like a real truck. And the power and torque in the 2018 is much more than my 04.5 with minor upgrades. The largest thing I towed so far was a 35' @ about 28K. Truck is rated to tow 32K. I had no issues at all pulling the mountains north of us on I5 to Oregon. But 2018 is heavy, unloaded it is 9800# I have no regrets digging deep and making that purchase.

45Auto 01-29-2020 09:42 PM

Hey Lupus, how u been?
The 48RE AND 3:73’s with my Gross Combined is a little north of 18K lbs. when I pull Spooner Summit put of Carson NV; I have pulled that 6% grade in 3rd, about 35 mph, result of that 12 mile grade is high trans and water temp numbers. Did it once in 2nd at about 31/32 mph around 22/2300 R’s and was able to keep trans temp to not hit 200*. Sure beats 215/220**!

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