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Advertising Options
We currently offer two advertising options at dieselram.com:

Banner Ads
First, we offer premium banner advertising throughout the dieselram website. These banners have proven to be the best advertising opportunity available on the internet. For some time, banner advertising has proven to be a successful means of reaching your customer. Here at dieselram.com, we can target your ads to the Dodge turbo diesel driving crowd.

Product Reviews
Our second advertising option, is to donate product(s) in return for a full install and review article on our product review page. In the past, this type of exposure has proven to be highly effective. Reviews will remain published for a minimum of one year. Please contact us if you are interested in reviewing your product. Click here to find out more about a product review for your new or existing product.

Ad Design
Banner Ads submitted must be 468x60 pixels in GIF format only! While animated banners are allowed -- keep it simple. You want the customer to see what you have to say quickly.

Advertiser Recognition
As a dieselram.com advertiser you get the following value added benefits:

Listing on the website Sponsors page
Each of our advertisers will be listed in alphabetical order on the sponsors page. This lets our members see who is supporting the website, while giving them a "quick find" location where they can link to your website. It's recognition you deserve!

New Advertiser Announcements
Each new advertiser will be announce throughout the forums to let our members know who is supporting the website. This will increase your website traffic and name recognition as the members typically loyally patronize our regular advertisers.

Banner Updates
We recommend that you update your banner periodically (every 1-2 months) to enhance banner performance. A new ad will catch the members eye and increase your website traffic. Consider changing your banner to reflect your latest sale or new product release. Dieselram does not charge for periodical updates; just send us the file and we'll load it onto our server.

Advertising Rates
Please send inquiries to webmaster@dieselram.com

Terms and Conditions
Dieselram.com is a free membership website for Dodge turbo diesel owners and enthusiasts. As such, dieselram.com relies on paid advertising to cover the costs associated with running/maintaining our website. This website reserves the right to refuse advertising from anyone for any reason. Acceptance of advertising for the website does not constitute or imply endorsement of either the advertiser, their products, service, etc.. by the website operator. Dieselram.com and it's owners take no responsibility for the actions or advertisements of our advertisers and any problems with our advertisers should be addressed directly to them. Dieselram.com reserves the right to remove advertisements from our website at any time and the advertiser's sole remedy for such action shall be a refund of advertising payments made pro-rated for the remainder of the advertising campaign. Entry into an advertising relationship with dieselram.com constitutes agreement with these terms and conditions.

Advertisers must be aware that they may review unfavorable reviews and/or reports on their products and services from the members, in the forum. Complaints, comments and reviews by the forum members are in no way a reflection of the views and/or opinions of dieselram.com.
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